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What is the mission of ? To know the answer to that, you must first know the meaning of "cycosis". This word is a variation of the word psychosis which is used to label a person as having a disease simply because he or she is unique or different. Therefore, strives to design websites which can be seen as just that...unique or different.

is dedicated to designing informational websites for small businesses. However, I will design almost any type of site your heart desires. The only exception is a design which is either dull or generic. If you want something that fits that description, I suggest you look elsewhere.

Feel free to find out more about by clicking on the links to your left. Under Services, you will find the options, costs, and so forth of having a site designed for yourself. The Portfolio section contains links to a few designs already created by . If you like what you see or if you need more information, click the Contact link to find a list of ways to get in touch with myself, Justin Dyess.

For those interested, I do not yet have a degree that deals with web design, but I am in the process of getting one. Currently, I am taking BUS305 on Wednesday nights in room 204 of the Mitchell Center located at the University of South Alabama.